Deaf-Hearing Different! 
A Primer for Case Managers working with Deaf Consumers

Based on the most recent revised standards of care by Community Programs’ Administrative Code, this training will meet the requirement for all case managers working with deaf and hard of hearing clients.  This training will allow the participants to understand the difference between deaf and hearing consumers along with learning different communication needs by the deaf community.  All people with hearing loss, not just those who are deaf, need program modification. These modifications are dependent on many variables such as communication strategies employed and setting in which services are provided. 

This six hours training will provide case management a thorough understanding of:

  • Prevalence of Hearing Loss
  • Impact of hearing loss on treatment and service delivery
  • How to identify hearing loss through screening and observation
  • Modification of service delivery
  • DMH’s reporting requirements

Clinical staff including intake workers and case managers are strongly encouraged to attend. There is no charge to attend.

After the training, participants will be able to :

  • Describe experiences deaf consumers had growing up.
  • Identify the potential issues arising from this deaf population and their impact in mental health field after attending this training.
  • Describe potential crises with deaf and mentally ill people and how to address them properly.
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