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Making Recovery Possible Through Better Skills

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Training interpreters in a practice profession approach to mental health interpreting.


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A Really Cool Resource for Mental Health and Deafness

The Annotated Bibliography includes articles, books, presentations, and videos related to atypical language and relevant to CALI’s curriculum development. Each resource is summarized in ASL and English and includes direct links whenever possible.

Annotated Bibliography from Northeastern University’s
Center for Atypical Language Interpreting (CALI)

Neil Glickman said of Alabama's mental health interpreters that, “[T]he sophistication of these interpreters in mental health not only meets the level of best practice, it establishes it.”  This is high praise from one of the world’s leading experts in mental health and deafness.  It is not mere chance that Alabama is home to a program that garners such praise. It is the result of years of planning and work that has gone into building a stellar mental health interpreting program.

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Announcing the 2018 Deafness and Clinical Training
Optimizing Outcomes:
Trauma Informed Care and the Deaf Population
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March 2 (Non-Signing Audience)
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