Making Recovery Possible Through Better Skills

Training interpreters in a practice profession approach to mental health interpreting.

The Office of Deaf Service can now offer Mental Health First Aid training to programs and agencies serving deaf people in Alabama.  The following events are now scheduled:

January 31 - February 2: AIDB - Mobile
February 21-22: ADRS Montgomery
April 18 - 19: ADRS Huntsville
May 16 - 17: ADRS Homewood

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Cost: $20 for participant manual. (required)

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Neil Glickman said of Alabama's mental health interpreters that, “[T]he sophistication of these interpreters in mental health not only meets the level of best practice, it establishes it.”  This is high praise from one of the world’s leading experts in mental health and deafness.  It is not mere chance that Alabama is home to a program that garners such praise. It is the result of years of planning and work that has gone into building a stellar mental health interpreting program.

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Did You Know...?

Fall 2018 Edition of the Signs of Mental Health is Up

Check out the Fall edition of the Signs of Mental Health, Deaf Services' quarterly publication. [Click Here to Read It] 

ODS YouTube Channel

ODS has been quietly producing Deaf 2-5-8 videos for a while.  Recently ODS has started to expand offerings to include broader public service announcements such as this:

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Deafness and Clinical Training Announced:

The Impact of Language Deprivation has on Our Work When Serving Deaf Individuals in Mental Health, Social Service, and Educational Settings

April 11 (Signing Audience) and 12 (Non- Signing Audience), 2019

Melissa L. Anderson, Ph.D., MSCI

Melissa L. Anderson, Ph.D., MSCI, is Assistant Professor, psychologist, and clinical researcher in the University of Massachusetts Medical School Department of Psychiatry.  She completed her graduate work at Gallaudet University, where she studied intimate partner violence and trauma in the Deaf community.  At UMass, Melissa provides individual therapy to Deaf clients recovering from trauma and addiction and conducts research on best approaches for working with Deaf clients.  She is the recipient of a Clinical Research Scholar Award (KL2) administered by the UMass Center for Clinical and Translational Science, with which she and a team of Deaf and Hearing clinicians and community members are developing and testing a digital American Sign Language therapy manual for treating trauma and addiction.