TROY SLPI Interview

Troy Interpreter Training Program Students Only

This application is only for students currently enrolled in Troy University's Interpreter Training Program

SLPI: ASL Applications
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Important Notice

Effective February, 2020 the Sign Language Proficiency Interview: American Sign Language (SLPI:ASL) has undergone new requirements which have made the SLPI:ASL a more rigorous assessment.  Our team is finding that the results are 1 to 1.5 full levels lower than previous results. Previous scores cannot be compared to current assessment results.

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Other Important Documents

The following documents will be helpful for ompleting the SLPI process.


Candidate Information

Directions to SLPI Test Site

Due to  Coronavirus, the SLPI:ASL testing scheduled for May 8th will be conducted via remote videoconferencing only.  If you are not able to utilize remote technology for the SLPI:ASL, please contact Shannon Reese at 
to discuss rescheduling for a future month.

SLPI testing dates for 2020

Testing date(1)                                               Location(2)                                       Registration Deadline 

May 8                                                Montgomery-DMH                                    May 1

June 12                                             Montgomery-DMH                                   June 5

July 10                                               Montgomery-DMH                                   July 3

August 14                                         Montgomery-DMH                                 August 7

September 11                                 Montgomery-DMH                             September 4

October 9                                         Montgomery-DMH                               October 2

November 13                                  Montgomery-DMH                              November 6

December 11                                  Montgomery-DMH                              December 4


  1. Testing is provided monthly on the 2nd Friday of each month, unless otherwise indicated.  
  2. For those testing via remote videoconferencing-the VP number must be provided and tested at least 48 hours prior to the interview. Failure to set up testing 48 hours prior to the interview will result in cancellation. 

General SLPI Interview

This is for the general public.  DO NOT use this form if you are a Troy ITP major.

Sign Language Proficiency Interview: ASL

Many different programs in Alabama use scores from the Sign Language Proficiency Interview (SLPI: ASL) as part of the hiring process.  This is especially true with Deaf Services under Mental Health.  All of our programs, both those we operate and those we contract with, have specific SLPI levels in the job specifications. 

We will be adding more and more information in this section as time goes on.