Enhancing Knowledge Through Online Learning

Bimonthly online discussions are continuing education opportunities for mental health interpreters and clinicians who work with deaf consumers.  QMHI's are required to have 40 contact hours of continuing education per year.

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Upcoming Events

All Events run 6:30 - 8:30 PM Central Time

2024 Events

May 14        CODA and Family Therapy

                     Presenter: Sheila Jacobs

July 9            Somatic Experiencing Therapy
                     Presenter: Cara Miller

Sept 10       Language Deprivation and ASL Vocabulary                         Acquisition
                     Presenter: Naomi Caselli

Nov 12        Deaf Refugees and Mental Health
                     Presenter: Carly Fischbeck


Presented by: Jory Agate

"Now Showing"

“Using IFS (Internal Family Systems) therapy with the Deaf

March 12, 2024

All discussions are conducted from
6:30 - 8:30 Central Standard Time (CST)

Presentation Flyer Available for Download HERE

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Jory Agate, LMHC, MDiv., MA, IFS Certified, is an Internal Family Systems therapist, trainer, and consultant with a private practice in Cambridge, MA. Jory is committed to creating a collaborative clinical space that honors the cultural uniqueness of her clients. She specializes in treating trauma without pathologizing individuals for the creative ways they may have learned to cope. Jory had previous careers as a Unitarian Universalist minister and Sign Language 

The Purpose of the Training 

This Bi-monthly online discussion will provide participants with opportunities to interact with interpreters and clinicians in the field of deafness and explore research articles, discuss presentations and apply the online discussion to service provision.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is an evidenced-based therapeutic model that views the multiplicity of the mind as our natural state. Drawing on inner wisdom, it seeks to heal the parts of ourselves that have developed maladaptive behaviors as protective strategies masking internal pain and shame. As an example, living with deafness may increase vulnerability to feel not good enough and then defensive, protective thoughts and behaviors to compensate. This workshop will present overview of the IFS model and its history and development. Strategies to utilize our innate healing energy to transform both defensive patterns and core vulnerability will also be shared.

The Objectives of the Training:

  • Identify the difference between protective parts and exiles.

  • Analyze and translate symptoms into parts language.

  • Identify the difference between proactive and reactive parts.

After the Training, participants will

  • Name at least 8 qualities of Self and how to identify it in their client’s system.
  • Name at least 8 steps of healing extreme parts.
  • Identify resources available to them on IFS.

Pre-reading: NA 

Target Audience:

Interpreters in Mental Health, Community Interpreters, Mental Health Professionals, School Counselors

interpreter/Deaf educator in the US and abroad. She works in English and ASL with hearing and Deaf individuals, families, couples, clergy, staff teams, and parents of individuals with major mental illness. Jory is a trainer/presenter for the IFS Institute, PESI, the Unitarian Universalist Association, and the National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI). In addition to her private practice, she provides training and consultation in IFS therapy, cultural agility, sexuality education, leadership development, and group dynamics. The mother of two young adults, one hearing and one Deaf, she lives with her wife and their pandemic puppy in Cambridge, MA.