Bimonthly online discussions are continuing education opportunities for mental health interpreters and clinician who work with deaf consumers.  QMHI's are required to have 40 contact hours continuing education per year.

All presentations are in the form of a webinar.  Links to the webinar will be send out a few days prior to the event.  This year our webinars will be hosted on Citrix (GoToMeeting).  To use this platform Please read documents on the Citrix Website. You can download a full User Guide HERE.

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* January to December 2017.  This fee is NOT pro rated. This fee is included as part of the registration for participants of the 2015 MHIT Interpreter Institute.  Registration for 2017 will be included in the 2016 Interpreter Institute fees.

Presented by: Kelly Rain Collin, Ed.M, Founder and director of Healthy Minds Consulting.

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November 13 2018

6:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Enhancing Knowledge Through Online Learning

Kelly Rain Collin, Ed.M. is founder and director of
Healthy Minds Consulting. She completed two
Bachelor’s degrees from California State University,
Northridge: Child Development, with a specialization
in Child Mental Health, and Psychology. Her Master’s
degree was earned at the Harvard Graduate School of
Education, with a specialization in Risk and Prevention.
This unique academic background provided the
foundation for Kelly’s work with children who are simultaneously experiencing educational and mental health difficulties.

Since 1990, Kelly has been working with at-risk children and youth, including children who are deaf or hard of hearing, children living with HIV/AIDS, and children prenatally exposed to alcohol and other drugs. She has provided educational consultation and advocacy support to therapists and families in the Los Angeles area for more than fifteen years.

Kelly successfully completed the Special Education Advocacy Training (SEAT) project in 2008, including an internship supervised by George Crook at the renown Newman, Aaronson, Vanaman ( law firm. She serves as the Education Liaison to the Juvenile Mental Health Court and provided Educational Consultation for a psychiatric clinic co-run by Westside Regional Center and University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Neuropsychiatric Institute (NPI).

Kelly’s passion for helping children realize their potential and access their strengths motivates her to facilitate conditions that foster positive educational experiences and healthy minds. By bridging the fields of child development, education and mental health, she is able to assist families, schools, and mental health professionals in understanding and creating supportive plans to enhance children’s developmental trajectory and address their learning and mental health needs at school.

Target Audience:

Interpreters in Mental Health, Community Interpreters, Mental Health Professionals, School Counselors

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