Class of 2003

Class of 2004

Since the first Interpreter Institute, over 1,300 different people have been trained, an average of 67new people every year. Many have attended more than one Institute. Below are class pictures from each of the past Institutes, along with links to our Flickr page where you can see pictures taken throughout each week.

Class of 2006

Class of 2005

The first Interpreter Institute was held over two weekends (Friday - Sunday) in September, 2003. The Institute met in Montgomery September 5th – 7th and in Tuscaloosa September 12th – 14th. It was attended by 18 interpreters from around Alabama  [MORE]
In 2004, the Interpreter Institute again utilized the two 3-day session approach, but moved Thursday-Friday-Saturday set. Running August 12th - 14th and 19th - 21st, the training was still split between Montgomery and Tuscaloosa. The class grew to 33 participants and the first group of interpreters from 2003 began to complete the requirements for their Qualified Mental Health Interpreter (QMHI) certification. (Note: That year our equipment was stolen including our camera and thus we have only a few pictures.  [MORE]
Based on feedback from participants, the 2005 Interpreter Institute went to a five day straight through schedule. Running August 8th - 12th, this change made it necessary to keep the Institute in one place. [MORE]

Class of 2007

Running June 4th - June 8th, the 2007 Interpreter Institute shattered previous attendance records, both for number of first time attendees and total number of participants. Wisconsin Department of Mental Health sent a delegation, several members of which completed the entire cycle and become QMHIs.  [MORE]
That year, Alabama also ran an experimental Advanced Institute, which drew 41 participants, all of whom had previously attended the basic Institute. [MORE]

Class of 2009

Class of 2008

In 2008 the Interpreter Institute was held at Troy University at Montgomery, running August 25th - 29th. Another capacity crowd, average experience level was higher than previous groups. This class had a number of clinicians in it as well.  It also marked the beginning of a long-running partnership with Troy University that continues to this day.  [MORE]
The 2009 edition of the Interpreter Institute marked a major departure from previous editions.  Severe reductions in ODS operating funds threatened to forestall that year's training.Thanks to a fortuitously timed visit to the Bailey Deaf Unit, Charley Bliss, of the Georgia Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities & Addictive Diseases,  and Steve Hamerdinger agreed to have the Institute in Georgia as a joint project. With only 90 days to arrange, promote and plan the institute, it was held in Atlanta June 1 - 5. It was attended by 18 participants from six states. [MORE]
The 2006 Interpreter Institute ran September 12th - 17th with 50 participants. There was an unusually large contingent of deaf interpreters that year.  [MORE]

Class of 2007 (Part II)